Implementation & Transformation

Implementation and Transformation

Assessment and Validation :

Validate our clients existing SAN and Backup infrastructure and recommend products or solutions which will optimize capacity and performance.

- Review current datacenter infrastructure and complete an application, database, server and storage mapping.

- Recommmend the right solution for our client based on their current IT needs. Since we are technology agnostic we provide what is iseful to our customer.


Architecture :

Our certified Storage Architects design the new storage and backup infrastructure which will keeep in mind our clients business growth and future requirements

  • Quick turn around time
  • Minimum risk to our clients business

Migration :

Provide a seamless migration of storage where there is minimal impact to our customers business. Use industry leading migration tools and technologies to execute complex and large data migrations.

  • Minimum downtime during migration.
  • Integration with Operating System/Databse and appliction teams to ensure there is a seamless migration.