Managed Services

Implementation and Transformation

Provide specialized storage services offshore, which will help our clients optimize cost on services.

Managed Storage Services provides end to end management of our client's storage infrastructure geared to achieving their service-level agreements and alleviate performance challenges.

Focus on addressing client's most critical areas: budget, storage management, and control challenges.

Our employees are committed, technical, and experienced to handle and execute any solutions or to be an additional member to an existing team.

Services Catalog :

SAN Administration :

  • LUN management
  • Multipath Device Configuration
  • NAS Management
  • Health checking of Storage
  • Troubleshooting HBA H/w and S/w issues
  • Multipath software upgrades
  • HBA configuration for secure storage access
  • Device allocation from new storage array
  • SAN zoning hosts with new storage array
  • Troubleshooting Flash / Copy pair
  • Establish / withdraw and LVM issues
  • Consulting support for solution / exploitation of new disk technologies
  • Disaster Recovery activities
  • Data migration activities
  • Design & implement Storage solutions
  • Capacity management
  • Performance tuning
  • Architecting & Designing

BUR Administration :

  • Setting policies & schedules
  • Medium and low level incident management
  • Backup restoration activities
  • Backup monitoring & Management
  • Ensuring Scratch availability
  • Patch and fix management
  • Software upgrades
  • Backup configurations for LAN Free
  • Configuring backups for VMware, Exchange,Oracle, SAP etc
  • Tape library/VTL & media management
  • Critical and high level incident Management
  • Disaster Recovery activities
  • Datacenter migration activities
  • Implementation of Backup solution
  • Capacity planning
  • Architecting & Designing Backup Solutions
  • Remote/Managed Infrastructure Services
  • Architecting & Designing