Offshore Development Centre

The Offshore Development Center (ODC) has become an increasingly popular business model for companies of all sizes to help increase productivity and reduce operating expenses by leveraging offshore talent. The ODC model has also proven to be a highly effective tool for providing clients with greater visibility and predictability in the development process.

India-based ODC can be a key component of an organization’s global diversification strategy. On a strategic level, India-based ODCs are frequently chosen to support an organization’s India market entry strategy. A dedicated ODC supporting a variety of professional services is a natural choice for organizations planning to enter or increase their presence in the Chinese domestic market. Regardless of an organization’s India market strategy, a India-based ODC will provide an organization with the important means of utilizing global resources to meet time-critical objectives.

Not to be overlooked in the strategic planning process is the fact that offshore development is as much about technical skills and quality as it is about a relationship based on compatibility, trust and mutual respect. Choosing the right ODC partner is critical for the success of an organization’s offshore strategy. Marvel ODC consulting services will ensure that you select the right partner, and that your ODC plans are aligned with your business and strategic objectives.

Delivery Excellence:

Offshore Development CentreMarvel strives to be your organization’s best-of-class partner in terms of people, services, and reach.

Full-spectrum of delivery services: An ODC is your organization’s strategic base which can be tasked to provide a variety of different services.

Software development and IT services: Marvel technical resources with expertise in a wide range of technologies and platforms are selectively recruited from a large talent pool to meet your organization’s development needs.

Technical support: Marvel has established global support centers in China for many of its customers through which 24/7 support is offered on a variety of different products.

Professional services: Experienced teams can be assembled to empower your ODC with the ability to perform world-class consulting and professional services, including presales (proof-of-concepts, demos), business analysis, project management, and deployment

Testing: Marvel has industry leading experience in the QA/testing area. Our testing services and models include:

  • Offshore testing centers, offshore quality centers (OQC)
  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Automated testing
  • Compatibility testing

Localization and globalization: Marvel leverages its core competency in localization and globalization engineering services to ensure products and services released from your ODC are internationalized to meet the latest industry standards, and to help your organization gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Management expertise: Marvel’s international management team ensures your ODC is professionally managed to exacting international standards and norms, and allows for high quality communication with your organization’s management team.

Flexible ODC models: Different organizations have different ODC needs. After establishing an ODC in partnership with Marvel, many of our customers prefer to leave the task of managing the ODC to Marvel. Marvel’s strong management team and international culture allow your organization to focus on its core competencies by outsourcing product and service delivery management. The Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) ODC, another popular model, enables your organization to create a captive delivery center. It defers the tasks of building the ODC to Marvel, and defines an operational and transfer period that is customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Human resource strength: Marvel’s human resources and professional recruiters are tasked to rapidly build and support ODCs with quality personnel.

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Proven Methodology

Marvel ODCs are built following the Marvel Offshore Development Center Framework, which was developed by leveraging the extensive experience accumulated through building Offshore Development Centers of all sizes for our many clients.